Day 8: From Taos to Las Vegas, NM

Saturday, September 4

We had been looking at the dark clouds on the sky over Taos with some distress the day before, but now it was raining. Not all of us were fully equipped for wet riding (remember, it never rains in Southern California). Our first trip after breakfast was to the local Wal Mart, where those in need got their rain gear.

View from Wal Mart

From Taos, we took Rte 68 south. Rain was on and off, sometimes we caught some sun, but then it started raining again. In Poloaque, Andy and Elwood went to take the scenic tour on Rt 4 through Los Alamos and Jermez Springs, while I stayed with the rest of the riders. We continued on US 85 (I-25) on to Albuquerque, where we wanted to visit the large and famous motorcycle boneyard Jason had told us about.

Ute in her rain suit

Mark and Elwood - don't they looks like brothers?

Rain came and went, so we took the rain gear on and off

Tim, Andy, Axl and Fabrizio - and no rain!

And large and famous it was! To us SOHC4 enthusiasts it was like El Dorado - tons and tons of used parts, some new old stock, and all reasonable priced. On top of that people who knew their stuff. We learned that Dustin, who had left the group, also had stopped here to pick up some parts. We had spent some time there when familiar noises made us turn around - Andy and Elwood, who had taken the twisty tour through the mountains had arrived, drenched to the bone.

After some more time and chat about Honda SOHC4 bikes, choppers - the lady who owns the place had built a few choppers herself - and good old times we decided to part again.

This time it was really time to part for us - Ute, Mark and Fabrizio had to head back home to L.A., while the four of us - Andy, Elwood, Tim and I - continued to Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Elwood, Andy, Febrizio, Axl, Tim, Mark and Ute

Elwood, Andy, Fabrizio, Axl, Ute, Tim, Mark

Goodbye, Mark, Ute and Fabrizio!

It was raining again, and we decided to take I40 to get a chance to escape the rain, but no luck. Then we turned off I-40 and onto NM 3 through Villanueva to San Jose. Actually, a nice back road, but the beauty of sunny and warm New Mexico got somewhat lost to us in the pouring rain. We turned right on I-25 to get to Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Las Vegas played a major role in the movie - here the parade as well as the scenes outside the jail were filmed.

Parade street

What was the jail in the movie is now Tito's

"Here's to the first of the day, fellas. To ol' D. H. Lawrence." Jack Nicholson said right here

Another view of Parade Street

It still was raining, therefore we looked out for a motel to stay for the night. After we were set up there, Tim and I set off to find some beer to finish off the day. No bars, the whole town seemed somewhat extinct. Strange, but it still should get worse in a few days. The center of attraction apparently was a gas station, where we bought two sixpacks and returned to the motel.