Day 6: From Ouray to Gunnison

Thursday, September 2

Ouray Campsite

Mountains over Campsite

Axl, Ute and Andy in Ouray

Tim and Elwood in Ouray

Next morning we went to the Ouray Hot Springs. Looking at the mountains around, you get the idea why this is called the Switzerland of America. However, I don't know of any hot springs in Switzerland...

Ouray - old mining town

Old railroad exhibit

Looks really Swiss

Except everything is bigger

We continued on CO 550 through Ridgway State Park on to Montrose. At a stop, Fabrizio noticed that his front caliper was leaking, and when he tried to fix that, it gave in completely. So we changed our plans a bit and made a detour to a Honda parts dealer in Grand Junction to get a new caliper. We went on US 50 through Delta to Grand Junction. Luckily, the dealer had a backyard full of wrecked bikes. We found a fitting caliper and some other bits we could use. So, today's Ghetto Garage was dedicated to changing the caliper and bleeding the front brake. In the meantime, Ute took the chopper for a test ride.

Oops - this handles differently...

...but after a few turns she was already familiar with it

Ghetto Garage was closed again, and we went back to Montrose, and then continued on US 50 to Gunnison to visit the Black Canyon. While it is by far not as popular as the Grand Canyon, it is less crowded but at least as beautiful.

Black Canyon

Guess why it is called the Black Canyon

Mark and Ute

Black Canyon

More Black Canyon

Fabrizio and Tim

Gunnison River

Black Canyon

Eventually we ended up in Gunnison in a Super 8 Motel.