Day 4: From the Grand Canyon to Durango

Tuesday, August 31

Andy's and Axl's bikes

Camping at Desert Rim campground

The morning on the Canyon's south rim was compensation enough for all the unpleasantness we had the evening before. The landscape was just breathtaking.

Andy on the road to Cameron

Fabrizio at the Canyon Rim campground

Morning mist at the Canyon South Rim

Canyon South Rim

South Rim

South Rim

South Rim

South Rim

We went on to Cameron for breakfast and then continued through Navajo Nation and Hopi Reservation to Monument Valley, following Billy and Wyatt's route through the Painted Desert.

Ute on the road

Painted Desert

Easy Riders at Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Bikes at the Monument Valley parking lot

See the car in the middle - how small it is!

Monument Valley

Mark, Ute, Tim and Fabrizio

Axl, Ute and Tim

Here is a movie taken by Andy driving through Monument Valley.

Route 163 and 191 brought us to Four Corners, the place where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah meet.

Fabrizio, Mark, Axl, Elwood, Ute and Tim at Four Corners

Fabrizio, Ute, Elwood and Mark in four different states

What a chance to visit four states in less than 10 seconds by bike... On we went to Cortez.

Andy's bike on the road to Cortez, CO

Ute found her name immortalized in the Ute mountains.

Ute and her mountains

In Cortez, we stopped at a gas station. When I left there, I thought I had missed a shift because my engine just revved up, but no... my chain was gone, luckily at low speed, so no further damage was done. It turned out that the master link had given in. To my luck, Elwood had brought a spare master link with him (I didn't - shame on me) so I could fix my chain while Mark and Ute got their necks "fixed". Today's episode of Ghetto Garage.

Axl fixing his chain

The Satanic Mechanic at work

Mark and Ute getting a massage

After that break (literally!) we continued to Durango and set ourselves up in a Motel.

Axl, Tim, Dustin at the Motel in Durango