Day 3: From Needles to the Grand Canyon

Monday, August 30

Stevie's bike was wrecked beyond (roadside) repair. The idea of giving Jason a call to pick up the bike was quickly dismissed - it would have been to far for him to go just to pick up the bike. Meanwhile, Stevie was checking his options of renting a motorcycle or car to continue the trip, but both were either nonexistent or too expensive. So Stevie eventually settled to take the train to Las Vegas, spend a few days there and then take the plane to New Orleans.

Stevie had given up the bike and was about to abandon it in Needles. This is where the 750 vultures kicked in. In remarkably short time all parts which could either be transported on a bike or easily boxed up and mailed home were screwed off or otherwise removed from the bike, and the remaining skeleton was brought to his final rest at the dumpster in the motel's backyard.

It had tried hard to leave California, but failed in the end

After Stevie had boarded his train to Las Vegas, we went on I-40 up to Kingman and then again on old Route 66 to Palm Springs.

We're in Arizona!

Old US 66, the Mother Road

Ute and Andy and Bikes

Then on to Route 64 to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon was pretty crowded, and much to my surprise, half of the talk there was in German!

Grand Canyon

There's not much more to say

Axl, Tim, Fabrizio, Dustin, Mark, Ute and Elwood

Half of these people are Germans!

We arrived late afternoon

and colors, shadows changed every minute

What a view

Just fantastic!

Colorado River

Andy at the canyon rim



For the night, Andy had found a small campground at the south rim of the canyon - a scenic place which perfectly fit the tour. We arrived there just after sunset. Unfortunately, the gas station nearby was already closed, and there was no shop or anything around. We asked a young couple who had arrived just an hour ahead of us, and they only confirmed that we were just on our own. Well, again this fit into the movie somehow. So we decided to set up our tents there nonetheless, and share what we had left on food and beverage. It wasn't much, really. The more we appreciated the young couples generosity when they have us a couple of Granola bars!

We set up our tents (for the first time on this trip) and called it a day.

Axl setting up his tent