Day 19: From Philippsburg, VA to Boston

Wednesday, September 15

We started in Philippsburg, NJ for the last day of the trip, took I-78 and I-95. Just as we exited the interstate to gas up at Vince Lombardi's Service station, my chain broke again. Thank God it was at low speed again and not much damage was done (apart from the chain). Again, it was the master link which had come off. We pushed the bike to station, and went to get another master link. Eventually, Andy found a Triumph/Vincent dealer at the junction of I-87 who had a matching master link.

Ghetto Garage, the final episode




On we went on I-95, passing New York in dense four lane traffic on terrible roads full of potholes and patches, over bridges and underpasses. It gave me the creeps imagining the chain would have broken here and not on the service exit. There wasn't even a breakdown lane!

But it all went well, so we continued through Connecticut on I-95, I-91 and I-84 and finally came to Massachusetts again. On the Masspike (I-90) we were passed by a police car while we were already speeding ourselves. By then I knew we were back to Massachusetts again!

A few miles more, and we were back at Andy's house again. "We did it, man, we did it!" Other than in the movie, no one was there to object!

19 days, 5282 miles later, my head was still buzzing with all the impressions, all the nice people we had met. What a trip! Andy had promised a once in a lifetime trip, and that is exactly what it had been. Thanks, Andy, and thank you all!

Andy: "We did it!"

Axl: "Yeah, man, we did it!"

19 days and 5282 miles later