Day 16: From New Orleans to Birmingham, AL

Sunday, September 12

"Yeah, I'm, I'm hip about time. But I just gotta go." Wyatt says, and for us it was likewise. Andy, Chris, Elwood and I left New Orleans for Birmingham, AL. This was the beginning of the second and last leg of the Easy Rider Trip, and Andy and had only three more days left to make it back to Boston.

We took I-59 and headed north. Everything went fine, until after about 110 miles Andy's rear tire was loosing air. Three years ago, when Andy was on his way back to Boston after he had visited Bud in New Orleans, he had had a flat at exactly the same spot. Coincidence or what? It was Sunday, we had no tire irons, not to speak of a spare inner tube, and the chances of finding an open shop to get the flat fixed were about nil.

So we ended up calling Bud, and being the great guy he is, he immediately grabbed some tools and two inner tubes and came our way in his truck.

Easy Riders meditating

Spot the bike with the flat tire

Bud not only brought a new inner tube and tire irons but also a work bench and a C clamp. With that outfit, fixing the tire was easy, and soon the wheel was back in place. Another big thanks to Bud, and we continued our journey on I 59 to Meridian, Tuscaloosa up to Birmingham.

In Birmingham, Leeth was already waiting for us for dinner. And what a dinner it was! I don't know what was more exciting - the food or the stories about Birmingham. Well stuffed Leeth eventually taxied us back to our motel.