Day 15: New Orleans

Saturday, September 11

During the day, we talked bikes, admired Bud's rare Racing Seeley and it's even rarer Russ Collins engine. This is not only one of Russ Collins' rare Cobra engines, this is the only Cobra engine they built based on an F model engine. A true one of a kind!

Bud's garage

This one of only a few Seeley Racing chassis

Seeley front forks

See the special oil tank

I fixed the chopper's front brake which felt a bit spongy, while Kevin was giving us lectures on chassis geometry. He found out the chopper is running with almost zero trail, and he was right!

Since the chain has been stretching all the time during the trip, I had asked Bud where to get a replacement. But instead of directing me to the nearest dealer, he said he has a new one on one of his bikes which I could have. What the hell of a nice guy Bud is! So I replaced chain and sprockets, and the chopper was ready for the last leg of the trip.

Bud's CB350 race bike

Axl fixing his front brake

Bud, Kevin, Stevie, Chris and Axl

Bud's Honda Service

In the afternoon, we made another trip to New Orleans, walking over the French Market. I went down to the banks of the Mississippi to pick up a bottle of real Mississippi water - is there a better souvenir from New Orleans for a blues fan than a bottle of Muddy Waters taken from the Mississippi?

Chris and Axl in front of Margaritaville

Mississippi banks

Axl picking up muddy water