Day 14: New Orleans

Friday, September 10

Chris arrived from South Carolina. He just came there to see us and to drive Tim's bike up north.

But there still was one more thing to do for us to complete the Easy Rider Trip. We went to St. Louis Cemetary #1 (also known as the Vieux Carre of the Dead) and went searching for the statue Wyatt was embracing in the movie while crying for his mother.

Many people have been buried in this location, some famous, some infamous. Probably the most famous is voodoo queen Marie Leveaux. Some tombs are kept up, others have sunk into the ground and crumbled. They all sit above ground, because the water table is so high that coffins buried under ground would just pop out of their graves after the first heavy rain. An interesting idea of resurrection, perhaps.

St. Louis Cemetary

St. Louis Cemetary

Wyatt had climbed that statue - we didn't

Chris, Tim, Stevie, Andy and Axl

We even took a film there with Andy running through the cemetary pretending he's on drugs. But if you watch the movie, you will find it seems if I behind the camera also was high on something.

Coming to New Orleans, and especially experiencing New Orleans' nightlife is like coming to another country. You wouldn't believe this is still part of the US. What a contrast to the Texas experience! Even on a normal working day, Bourbon street is still crowded at 4am! Unbelievable! (Sorry, there was only one photo taken during our trips to Bourbon Street)

Tim, Axl and Kevin