Day 13: From Baton Rouge to New Orleans

Thursday, September 9

Now to the last hop of the Easy Rider Trip. From Baton Rouge we took LA 1 and then from Donaldsonville LA 18 - closely following the Mississippi - down to New Orleans. What a route - all these old plantation houses to the right and the Mississippi to the left. Once we arrived in New Orleans, we had a bit of a problem finding Bud's place, but after a stop for directions and a phone call we made it safely to Bud's.

Apart of being the heck of a nice guy, Bud also lives in Motorcyclist's heaven. He's got an old warehouse with an apartment in it - others just have an apartment with a garage!

Easy Riders arrived in Bud's garage

To the right, Bud's CB 400 race bike

It was big hello when we eventually arrived there! Bud had also planned to go on that trip but then had to skip it literally in the last moment for work reasons. Too bad for all of us, but I hope the stories we brought with us were a bit of a compensation for him and Stevie, who had been in New Orleans for a couple of days already. After settling for a moment, we decided to do the official ending of the trip in New Orleans. Where could you be more at the heart of New Orleans than at the corner of Bourbon Street and St. Peter Street? At least for us tourists this was it. So we went there.

Tim, Axl, Andy and Elwood at St. Peter and Bourbon

Welcome to New Orleans!

See the Hot Dog stand there

Another view of the Deadly Hot Dog

Arriving there, we were almost run over by a hot dog on wheels - now, THAT would have been an end to the trip! Instead of being shot by rednecks, we'd be crushed by a ot dog... A film of us at the corner is here.

Back to Bud's place, a couple of other riders arrived: There was Kevin from Texas on his CB550, John, Luke and Darrel from Alabama, Leeth and Lee also from Alabama.

Luke, John and Darrel from Alabama

Darrel, Elwood and Kevin

Darrel, John and Elwood, outside Buds garage

John ready to go again

With Robert, we had an excellent tour guide to New Orleans. Thanks again, Robert!

Robert, Tim and others

Bourbon Street with Pat O'Brian's