Day 10: From Wichita Falls to Paris, TX

Monday, September 6

In Wichita Falls, we parted for the day. I wanted to go to Copell, Fort Worth/Dallas area to meet some friends which I hadn't seen for several years, while Andy, Elwood and Tim were supposed to meet with another fellow SOHC4 rider in Bonham. I took an early start, headed down US 287 towards Ft. Worth. I had promised to call my friends once I was in the area, but with help of a local map and some luck I suddenly found myself at their address. It was quite a hello after eight years! They had moved to Texas two years ago, and they confirmed our Texan experience: It's a 30 mls drive to get a beer, but churches are all over the place.

Andy, Elwood and Tim went to Bonham, but due to some unlucky circumstances - they had been late, and Dave, whom they were supposed to meet had broken his clutch cable and couldn't wait it out - they missed each other.

I had a great Texas BBQ with my friends, but unfortunately had to leave soon afterwards to meet up with the rest of the gang in Paris. Paris, Texas, of course - my friends had lived in Paris, France for several years which was good for some misunderstanding with their new neighbours: "Oh, did you commute?" - "Sure. A nine hours flight one way each day."

I got on TX 121 and TX 24 and went to Paris, arrived there late afternoon, and soon met the Andy, Elwood and Tim.

Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas